"Have a good one."
I hear this almost every day- sometimes multiple times a day- and it always bothers me.
Usually it's when I get my soup at lunch.  I set the cup on the counter, the cashier rings me up, I say "Thank you," and they reply (without hesitation and with about as much enthusiasm as someone traveling to a wake), "Have a good one."
'Have a good one?'  Really?  Is that all you've got?
For me, this is a sure sign that customer service, as a vocation, is in trouble.  Service reps can't even muster a "Thank you for stopping by,"  or "Have a nice day."  No... these would be too personal.  Too committal. 
We can post our dirty laundry on social networks multiple times a day, citing whether we're single, in a relationship, feeling those "monthly" blues, hung-over, fearing an STD,  and can't bother to utter a personal greeting or thank you?
For me, I don't think it's about courtesy as much as it is insincerity.  Do they really care if I have a good one?  Do they care whether I have one at all?

Next time maybe I should respond, "I do.  I assure you."  Just to see what they say.  Nah.  Too personal.
I might not be a traditional father, but really, does a ratchet set signify fatherhood?  I've been a dad (twice might I add) for over eight years now, and I've used ratchets only once (well, I didn't really use them, I gave them to my father-in-law to assemble my daughter's bike).
Today, I saw a flyer in my local paper announcing Father's Day gifts.  On the front page were ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, weed-whackers, lawn mowers, and grills.  I'm only interested in one of those- grills- and I have one, thank you very much.
As I'm writing this, my 5 year old daughter summoned me upstairs to assist her with her nighttime routine.  When I arrived to her bathroom, the counter around the sink resembled a shallow moat.  I wondered, where was a giant sponge in the Father's day circular?  Where was a pill that provided the patience of Job?  Sears doesn't carry this, I assure you.
So, what's my problem?  Am I ungrateful for Father's day?  Of course not, I love it and honor it.  I simply think that others should, too.  Is a tie a good Father's day gift?  Only if dad likes ties.  What about a new lawn mower?  Only if dad can mow the lawn and drink a beer... or do nothing... or read a book without guilt.
See, some dads like (and even want ratchets).  I get it.  However still more would appreciate some time to reflect on what it means to be a father.  When I "poo-pooed" a ratchet set on my fact book page, my brother in law suggested that perhaps, instead, I wanted a "skirt."  Although I love my brother-in-law, a skirt isn't what I want.  All I need is some time to pause about what it means to be a dad- for me.  And this is my point- being a dad is individual.  Some dad's excel at being the team's soccer coach (I've never played soccer past middle school).  Some dad's excel at fixing things (I had to hire a plumber after I "fixed" the toilet).  Some dads are great at listening, drying tears, reviewing homework, cooking dinner, tucking in, and more.  Yet, in today's newspaper flyers, I didn’t' see any ads for tissues, reading glasses, skillet, or sheets.
I love being a dad.  Even though sometimes I'm preoccupied, and say "yes" when my girls want to watch "another show" so that I can get some things finished, I love my role.  I just don't want a ratchet set.

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